How to Build a High-Performance Lead Generation Website?

How to Build a High-Performance Lead Generation Website?

High-performance websites are not only the wave of our future, but they apply to the here and now. Lead generation websites are the ones that help your company bring in more people to expand your audience – capture leads.

Good marketing requires the development of consumer relations, where your goal is to build public trust. Marketing consulting must consider the use of the internet when advising businesses and corporate customers on web design & development.

Visitors who may have once visited a store in person will now most likely do so online. Thinking in terms of what you might want to offer the public in terms of service is the top goal in building your lead generation website.

Things to Consider Before You Start to Build a Lead Generation Website

  • What is a lead and how would you define a lead?
  • Is it someone who looks at your website and gets your contact information with the intention of using it?
  • Would it be someone who leaves their contact information in an email or an online form?
  • Or should you give them the option of signing up for the company newsletter so that they may have easy access to the latest updates?

Keeping these concepts in mind is what can help you as you pursue the ultimate goal of constructing your lead generation website.

Tips For Building a High-Performance Lead Generation Website

  • Contact Forms Are The New Norm

  • When building your lead generation website, your ultimate goal is to gain and retain customer leads.

    The first recommendation is to include your contact information. This should be done right from the homepage and in certain areas where you may need to prompt customers to contact you or your organization for any reason.

    When customers see a phone number and an email address, this boosts their confidence because they know that they can contact you as needed. Even a hyperlink can help, especially in cases where customers can click on your email address and contact you from there with any questions they may have.

    The following picture is an example of the type of contact information that should be provided:

    Contact Forms Are The New Norm

    Providing contact forms are good for business and client relationships. When creating forms, you should ensure that it is short and simple. Simply keep the basics: name, contact information, and an overview of their concerns or questions.

    Transportation Logistic Services Contact Form

    The customer will feel a sense of relief that they are in a position where they don’t have to give much personal information, and this should seal the bond between yourself and the public.

  • Include Customer Testimonials

  • Word-of-mouth marketing gets your company and it’s reputation on solid ground, and it travels fast in cyberspace. Written testimonials can be an excellent source for prospective customers, and they should be included with a photo of the person giving the testimonial along with a first name and other identifying information.

    This can include a city or state, or the person’s occupation. Nothing should be included that is too personal such as street addresses or phone numbers.

    Video testimonials are often the best and can be done on YouTube using a direct link. Allowing the video to demonstrate and inform the public rather than simply hard-selling a product or service will make it more interactive and fun for your customers.

    Plus, you may gain more clients when you seek to provide the right kind of information that motivates rather than coerces them into a decision.

    Include Customer Testimonials

    Video testimonials can supplement TrustPilot reviews which can be given anonymously and include star ratings. But, with video testimonials, prospective customers will have enough proof of your business right from your homepage.

  • Words Matter

  • Choosing the right words should appeal to the interest of the customers and help make them feel worthwhile and valued. When you are in the process of putting together your lead generation website, most marketing consulting firms highly suggest the use of strong verbs that demonstrate drive, compassion, and motivation.

    Words such as “feel” and “get” are two prime examples of a way to captivate your customers and motivate them to buy your products and services

    Even catchphrases such as “Are you ready for a new vehicle?” would motivate people to come and at least look at what you’re selling on the lot, even if they have no immediate plans to trade in their old car.

    Sites for an allergy specialist should call for the customer to want to seek relief from cold, flu, or seasonal allergies. Good jargon such as “Do you want to breathe easier?” can easily prompt someone to call or visit your office for an appointment.

    Through this, you’re not only raising a problem for which you have a solution but also setting up a chance to use a compelling call to action.

    When building your lead generation site, use landing page templates that are authentic and that promote the services you are trying to offer.

    Colour themes and layouts should cater closely to the mission of your company and what you stand for. Organic food restaurants should have templates with accurate depictions of food that are included on their menus such as fresh salads or anything that is green and organic. Outdoor sporting goods stores may consider photos of the woods or a camping site.

  • Responsive Design and Mobile Access

  • The use of mobile devices for internet access has now become so widespread that in recent years it’s hard to imagine life without it. Picking up your phone is now done when someone needs contact information or to look up a company or an organization.

    Responsive Design and Mobile Access

    Responsive design now allows users to enjoy greater download speeds from anywhere regardless of connection.

    The lead generation site’s main navigation should remain firmly in place once the view is downloaded. This is so that the user can scroll for the needed content while keeping the main information right at the eye’s length. The design you choose should look both friendly and professional, so it’s very important to choose well.

    Making your website mobile-friendly is another way to keep customers coming back and even gain new ones. In fact, you may even wish to include the option of downloading a mobile app with instructions on your homepage for further access.


Having a powerful lead generation site’s is a must for all online businesses. I hope this article helped you figure out what traits you should be looking for when creating yours. But if you need some help working on it, then there are digital marketing agencies who can help you!

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