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Before you make a purchase or use any our designs, please carefully read the following terms and conditions which highlight the terms that are a binding legal agreement between you and LeadForest.com.

By purchasing or using our designs, you are confirming that you have read & agreed to the below-mentioned terms and conditions.

#General Rules

LeadForest.com solely reserves the right to make necessary changes to the website as well as the right to revise landing page design prices, as and when required without any prior intimation

We also retain the right to restrict access of users found abusing or misusing our website.

#Purchase & Download

Sign Up for free on LeadForest.com to purchase premium quality, responsive landing page design or website template.

Make your purchase based on your requirement and once your online payment is successfully processed, we will send you the download link of your purchased design.

To download the link – login to your LeadForest account and click on “my account” page. Please note, that the download link will be active only for up to 5 times

#Licence To Use Our Designs

Regular Purchase – When you buy a regular design you can use the purchased design/template only on 1 Domain. You have the right to edit, save and use the design. However, you cannot sell, resell, distribute or showcase the design as part of your portfolio. Additionally, the footer link in the design can’t be edited or deleted as it gives credit to the website (eg. Designed by LeadForest.com)

Developer Purchase – With a developer purchase you can use the purchased design/template on up to 3 Domains. Here too, you have the right to edit and save, but you cannot sell, resell or distribute. Also, the footer link providing credit remains intact. (eg. Designed by LeadForest.com)

Footer Link Removal – For those who want to purchase a design without the footer link, you need to opt for “Remove or change footer link” while making your purchase. The footer link can only be removed from the design if you have purchased the right when buying a design/template

#Design Customization

You have full rein to customized the designs you have purchased as per your preference and need. However, if you are unable to do it yourself, you could hire us to customize your design based on your requirement.

#Quality of Design & HTML Coding

We have taken into consideration the usability of the landing pages and website templates before designing each category. Designs purchased from us can be edited using proper software, however, if you are unable to do it yourself, then it is best that you hire an expert.

Forms present on the landing pages are coded in valid HTML/CSS and you need to get form validation done for it to work or you can make use of the ready form code.

Please note that these HTML/CSS coded landing pages are not WordPress theme and thus, if you want to use them in WordPress then you need to get them converted into WordPress.

Also, the product images used on the landing page designs are dummies and you need to replace them with your own product images. Plus, as a buyer, you need to check the number of pages and source files, which are included with each design, before you make your purchase

#Unauthorized Usage

LeadForest holds the copyright to all landing page designs and templates.

We prohibit copying, modifying or placing any of our products on any medium including disk, CD, DVD, pen drive, website & others.

Also, unauthorized resale or redistribution of our designs (modified or unmodified) is prohibited and any violation will lead to immediate legal action

#Domain and Hosting

We don’t provide any domain, hosting or installation services.

#Refunds Procedure

LeadForest.com has a strict no refund or exchange policy once a purchase is made.

Since landing pages and website templates are digital products, once you have received the link and downloaded the design, your purchase will be deemed as final and no refund or exchange shall be provided.

As a customer, it is your responsibility to check the details of the design thoroughly and read the terms & condition before you proceed with your purchase.

However, in case the product you have received is not the same as described on the website, then you are eligible for a refund or exchange of the same value, provided you give us a clear evidence that the design you have received is not as it is described on the website. For this issue, you need to contact us within 5 days from the date of purchase and support your refund request with clear evidence & detailed information.

Complains based on customer’s false expectations and wishes will not be taken into consideration. If you have any doubt or question regarding your purchase, feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you with the same.

Also, we do not guarantee that our landing page designs will immediately boost your conversion. Conversion depends on many factors with the design just being a part of it.

#Payment Mode

We use PayPal and CCAvenue as our primary payment processing mode

If you are unable to pay using these payment methods, please contact us for alternate payment methods such as NEFT, wire transfer, bank transfer.

If you need any further assistance, you can contact us or email us your query.

Email: support@leadforest.com

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